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This is a Arduino firmware able to convert NMEA 183.3 strings to NMEA 183.2. It's necessary to let the old Kenwood TH-D7 hamradio rtx with unmodified firmware to work with new Nmea GPS.

The TH-D7 uses two NMEA sentences out of the many sent by the GPS unit every second: the $GPGGA and the $GPRMC.
Early firmware version did not recognize the commas separating the various fields inside these sentences, using instead a fixed-length method that could lead to wrong data interpretation.

For Example:

NMEA 183.3 GPS sends:

$GPRMC,192944,V,3733.8310,N,01504.5017,E,20.0,270.8,081205,2.0,E,S*23 $GPGGA,192958,3733.8070,N,01504.4222,E,8,09,2.0,335.4,M,38.3,M,,*4A

NMEA 183.2 GPS sends:

$GPRMC,192944,V,3733.831,N,01504.501,E,20.0,270.8,081205,2.0,E,S*23 $GPGGA,192958,3733.807,N,01504.422,E,8,09,2.0,335.4,M,38.3,M,,*4A

Pay attention the checksum on these examble string are probably wrong.

The 4 decimal digits in the Lat and Long fields instead of the 3 expected by the TH-D7 are the source of the incompatibility. The arduino code strips the extra digit and resent it to the TH-D7 in NMEA 183.2 format

The hardware in base on

  • Arduino nano
  • GPS whit nmea output
  • Max 232 level converter

Hardware and firmware is able to:

  • receive the NMEA strings with a software serial port
  • identify the $GPGGA and $GPRMC sentences
  • remove the least significant decimal digits exceeding the 3 expected by the radio
  • recalculate the checksum
  • transmit the nmea string to the radio with a software serial port

###The hardware: This is the testing hardware, actually on a breadboard

Actual Breadboard

###LINKS: Reference for gps compatibility

(c) 2017 Paolo Mattiolo In3aqk