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Compilation of reusable mechanics in other platform games projects - Recopilación de mecánicas re-utilizables en otros proyectos de juegos de plataformas.
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Platformer Godot Game

This is a compilation of mechanics for Platformer Games, developvers on Godot Engine. For more information of the repository:

This project tries to follow good practices for programming within Godot.

To guarantee the understanding of all the users, the GDScript style guide is followed: Godot Docs

License GPL-v3

All the code of this repository is considering Free Software, you can download, learn, distribute and more.

... But: the images and external Game Assets are part of other licenses, related with and OpenGameArt. Some are Free for personal and comercial proyects.

You can find Tutorials for build each mechanic of the repository, here:


Godot 3.1 or older. Download:


You can make donations or follow the development of new repositories and tutorials from my Patreon page:

And PayPal:

Indie Libre, César León.

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