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Milandr MCU 1986x CMSIS Pack Repository

This repository contains an unofficial Milandr MCU 1986x CMSIS Pack for GNU MCU Eclipse and Keil MDK 5.

You could download it manually – "Milandr.MDR1986BExx.1.4.2.pack", or install directly from this repository.

How to install the package (Eclipse)

Eclipse Menu → Window → Preferences → C/C++ → Packages → Repositories → Add...

Type       CMSIS Pack
Name       Milandr

With old versions of Packs Manager, you should use "index.idx" file.

  • Open the Packs perspective and install MDR1986BExx package from Milandr group.

  • The path to the packages is defined in packs_path macro, but for the plug-in version that I use, this macro is not visible from tools configurations. Therefore, you may also need to set packs_path macro manually:

Eclipse Menu → Window → Preferences → Run/Debug → String Substitution → New...

Name       packs_path
Value      <path to packages>

How to examine/modify the peripheral registers (Eclipse)

The peripherals registers view

Supported MCUs

Milandr 32-bit АRМ Cortex-М microcontrollers

  • 1986BE9x (MDR32F9Qx)
  • 1986BE1 (MDR32F1)
  • 1986BE3
  • 1986BE4

The package source list

How to rebuild the package

  • Clone this repository and its submodules if they are not cloned yet:
git clone
cd mdr1986x-pack-repo
git submodule update --init --recursive
  • Or, update this repository and submodules if they are already cloned:
cd mdr1986x-pack-repo
git pull origin master
git submodule foreach git pull origin master
  • Run the build script with Python 2: