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#CSV File with Minimum FW-DR info supported for ESXI 6.5U1

Server Model Card-Name ESXi-ID Type Driver-CodeName Firmware NW-Driver-Type NW-Driver-Version FC-Driver-Type FC-Driver-Version
BL-460-Gen8 554 FLB Emulex-554FLB-10GB CNA Emulex 10GbE Drivers elxnet lpfc
BL-460-Gen9 536 FLB Broadcom/Qlogic-57840-10GB CNA HPE QLogic NX2 10 GbE 7.15.97 QFLE3 QFLE3F
BL-460-Gen9 630 FLB Broadcom/Qlogic-57840-10/20GB CNA HPE QLogic NX2 10/20GbE 7.15.97 QFLE3 QFLE3F
DL-380-Gen9 530 SFP+ Broadcom/Qlogic-57810 10GB NIC HPE QLogic NX2 10/20 GbE 7.15.97 QFLE3 NA NA
DL-380-Gen9 557 SFP+ Emulex Corporation HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 557SFP+ 10GB NIC Emulex 10/20GbE Drivers 11.4.1231.6 elxnet 11.4.1205.0. NA NA
DL-380-Gen9 534 FLR SFP+ QLogic-57810 10GB NIC HPE QLogic NX2 7.15.97 QFLE3 NA
DL-380-Gen8/DL-380-Gen9 331FLR/331I Broadcom/Qlogic-BCM5719 1GB NIC NetXtreme-E Drivers. bc 1.46 ncsi ntg3 NA NA
DL-380-Gen8/DL-380-Gen9 NC365T Intel-82580 1GB NIC Intel Drivers 3.29.0:0x8000027a igbn 1.4.1 NA NA
DL-380-Gen9 556 FLR SFP+ Emulex Corporation HP Ethernet 10Gb 2-port 556SFP+ 10 GB NIC Emulex 10 GbE Drivers 11.4.1231.6 elxnet 11.4.1205.0-1OEM.650.0.0.4598673 NA NA
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