Telegram bot for prometheus alerting
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This bot is designed to alert messages from alertmanager.


GOPATH related doc.

export GOPATH="your go path"
make clean


  1. Create Telegram bot with BotFather, it will return your bot token

  2. Specify telegram token in config.yaml:

    telegram_token: "token goes here"
    # ONLY IF YOU USING TEMPLATE required for test
    template_path: "template.tmpl" 
    time_zone: "Europe/Rome"
    split_token: "|"    
    # ONLY IF YOU USING DATA FORMATTING FUNCTION, NOTE for developer: important or test fail
    time_outdata: "02/01/2006 15:04:05" 
    split_msg_byte: 4000
  3. Run telegram_bot. See prometheus_bot --help for command line options

  4. Get chat ID with one of two ways

    1. Start conversation, send message to bot mentioning it
    2. Add your bot to a group. It should report group id now. To get ID of a group if bot is already a member send a message that starts with /

Configuring alert manager

Alert manager configuration file:

- name: 'admins'
  - send_resolved: True

Replace -chat_id with the number you got from your bot, with -. To use multiple chats just add more receivers.


To run tests with make test you have to:

  • Create config.yml with a valid telegram API key and timezone in the project directory
  • Create prometheus_bot executable binary in the project directory
  • Define chat ID with TELEGRAM_CHATID environment variable
  • Ensure port 9087 on localhost is available to bind to
make test

Create your own test

When alert manager send alert to telegram bot, only debug flag -d Telegram bot will dump json in that generate alert, in stdout. You can copy paste this from json for your test, by creating new .json. Test will send *.json file into testdata folder



Customising messages with template

This bot support go templating language. Use it for customising your message.

To enable template set these settings in your config.yaml or template will be skipped.

telegram_token: "token here"
template_path: "template.tmpl" # your template file name
time_zone: "Europe/Rome" # your time zone check it out from WIKI
split_token: "|" # token used for split measure label.

You can also pass template path with -t command line argument, it has higher priority than the config option.

WIKI List of tz database time zones

Best way for build your custom template is:

  • Enable bot with -d flag
  • Catch some of your alerts in json, then copy it from bot STDOUT
  • Save json in testdata/yourname.json
  • Launch make test

-d options will enable debug mode and template file will reload every message, else template is load once on startup.

Is provided as default template file with all possibile variable. Remember that telegram bot support HTML tag. Check telegram doc here for list of aviable tags.

Template extra functions

Template language support many different functions for text, number and data formatting.

Support this functions list

  • str_UpperCase: Convert string to uppercase

  • str_LowerCase: Convert string to lowercase

  • str_Title: Convert string in Title, "title" --> "Title" fist letter become Uppercase

  • DEPRECATED str_Format_Byte: Convert number expressed in Byte to number in related measure unit. It use strconv.ParseFloat(..., 64) take look at go related doc for possible input format, usually every think '35.95e+06' is correct converted. Example:

    • 35'000'000 [Kb] will converter to '35 Gb'
    • 89'000 [Kb] will converter to '89 Mb'
  • str_Format_MeasureUnit: Convert string to scaled number and add append measure unit label. For add measure unit label you could add it in prometheus alerting rule. Example of working: 8*e10 become 80G. You cuold also start from a different scale, example kilo:"s|g|3". Check production example for complete implementation. Require split_token: "|" in conf.yaml

  • HasKey: Param:dict map, key_search string Search in map if there requeted key

  • str_FormatDate: Convert prometheus string date in your preferred date time format, config file param time_outdata could be used for setup your favourite format Require more setting in your cofig.yaml

time_zone: "Europe/Rome"
time_outdata: "02/01/2006 15:04:05"

WIKI List of tz database time zones

Production example

Production example contains a example of how could be a real template.

testdata/production_example.json testdata/production_example.tmpl

It could be a base, for build a real tempalte, or simply copy some part, check-out how to use functions. Sysadmin usually love copy.