Correlative Channel Sounder for Fast Time Variance
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gr-corrsounder signal flow

gr-corrsounder architecture


  • GNU Radio
  • python package psutil
  • python package scipy

Build/Install instructions

  1. Install/Build GNU Radio (it is recommended to use PyBOMBS)

  2. Get gr-corrsounder from github - git clone

  3. Optional: Change to which prefix gr-corrsounder shall be installed - source ~/corrsounder_prefix/

  4. Configure gr-corrsounder - mkdir build && cd build && cmake ../

  5. Build and install gr-corrsounder - make && sudo make install

Uninstall/Remove instructions

  1. Navigate to gr-corrsounder/build

  2. Optional: Change from which prefix gr-corrsounder shall be uninstalled - source ~/corrsounder_prefix/

  3. Uninstall gr-corrsounder - sudo make uninstall

  4. Delete the gr-corrsounder folder


  • Niels Fliedner
  • Dimitri Block


  1. Niels Hendrik Fliedner, Dimitri Block, Uwe Meier “A Software-Defined Channel Sounder for Industrial Environments with Fast Time Variance”. Submitted to the 15th International Symposium on Wireless Communication Systems (ISWCS 2018). Arxiv preprint