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Skeleton for jump-starting a Go-powered microservice project with Docker and Go best-practices + easy code hot-reloading (for dev environments)!
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Jump-Start Go (JustGo)

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A helpful builder for a light-weight Go skeleton project takes care of a lot of boilerplate in jump-starting a Go-powered microservice development with Docker and Go best-practices.

To learn more:


  1. Isolated, project-specific Go environments in a container. No cross-project dependency issues.
  2. No mess with configuring GOPATH across projects!
  3. Code hot-reloading out of the box!
  4. Ready to ship as a container in production, when you are done working with it.
  5. Future-proof choice of dep for dependency-management


Easiest way to create a new project skeleton is to install JustGo CLI tool. There's no necessity to install Go on your machine, since the setup provides fully functioning Go environment in a Docker container.

If you already have Go on your machine, you can install the CLI tool with:

> go get

or you can install it using Homebrew, even if you don't have Go:

> brew tap inadarei/casks
> brew install justgo


After you have installed the CLI tool, to create a skeleton of a new project, just run:

> justgo

You can see various options by running justgo -h. To learn how to run a project, once it is created, see here

Upgrade with Brew

> brew update
> brew upgrade justgo


Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Substantial feature requests should be proposed as an RFC. Before contributing, please read the code of conduct.

See Contributing.



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