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Contributing to the CLI Interface

Contributions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Substantial feature requests should be proposed as an RFC. Before contributing, please read the code of conduct.



  • Latest Go version (al teast 1.8+)
  • Properly set up $GOPATH and GOPATH/bin added to $PATH
  • Go's Dep tool installed:
    • Install via: curl | sh

Dev Workspace Setup

> cd $GOPATH/src
> mkdir -p && cd
> git clone
> cd justgo/
> .githooks/
> dep ensure
> go run justgo.go <someFolderToTestInstallTo>

Warning for VS Code Users

If you are using VS Code with Go tooling, you will want to change the default "go.formatTool": "goreturns", formatter to "go.formatTool": "gofmt", instead since the former seems unable to properly detect the usage of uuid in the code and keeps removing the uuid package's import statement from code, making it error-out during a build. Gofmt has no such issues.

Pull Requests

We actively welcome your pull requests.

  1. Create an Issue or RFC for your contribution.
  2. Fork the repo and create your branch from master.
  3. If you've added code that should be tested, add tests.
  4. Update the documentation.
  5. Ensure the test suite passes.
  6. Run gofmt and goimports.


By contributing to Justgo, you agree that your contributions will be licensed under its MIT license.