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MBC Playout {mlt edition}

This project, sponsored by the National Institute of Asociativism and Social Economy of the Argentinian Government (INAES: Instututo Nacional de Asociativismo y Economia Social), is a complete playout solution designed as an HTML5 UI to the melted playout server.

It initially targets cooperatives, of all sizes, and is thought as a collaborative playout programation plateform from the ground up.



Caspa is the HTML5 UI. It will let you manage the media files, search and organize them in playlists, schedule the broadcast and manage the configuration.


Mosto is the playout core. Binded to Caspa, will check and apply it's changes to the melted server playlist.


Melted is the broadcast server. It's responsible for consuming the media files in the order that Mosto commanded, and broadcast them through the configured output device.



   apt-get install gettext

node > 0.8

   apt-get install nodejs

Check it on joyent wiki


   apt-get install npm


   apt-get install mongodb


   apt-get install redis-server


   apt-get install ffmpeg

melt libraries (if you don't have melted installed)

   apt-get install melt libmlt-dev libmlt++-dev pkg-config


   sudo apt-get install gettext npm nodejs mongodb redis-server ffmpeg melt libmlt-dev libmlt++-dev pkg-config


cloning this module and runing make should install all required submodules, npm install, and get a server working on http://localhost:3000

   git clone --recursive
   cd mbc-playout


MBC Playout started, a long long time ago, as a fork of 'Media Cellar', that was heavily based on Node Cellar by @coenraets

today, we re-wrote most of the code, but well, the old README said:

"Media Cellar" is a sample CRUD application built with with Backbone.js, Twitter Bootstrap, Node.js, Express, Now.js, FFMPEG, MLT and MongoDB.

The application allows you to browse through a list of medias stored on your hard drive. you can as well as add, update, and delete medias.