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(in-package #:house)
;;;;;;;;;; Parameter type parsing.
;;;;; Basics
(defparameter *http-type-priority* (make-hash-table)
"Priority table for all parameter types.
Types will be parsed from highest to lowest priority;
parameters with a lower priority can refer to parameters of a higher priority.")
(defgeneric type-expression (parameter type)
"A type-expression will tell the server how to convert a parameter from a string to a particular, necessary type."))
(defgeneric type-assertion (parameter type)
"A lookup assertion is run on a parameter immediately after conversion. Use it to restrict the space of a particular parameter."))
(defmethod type-expression (parameter type) nil)
(defmethod type-assertion (parameter type) nil)
;;;;; Definition macro
(defmacro define-http-type ((type &key (priority 0)) &key type-expression type-assertion)
(assert (numberp priority) nil "`priority` should be a number. The highest will be converted first")
(with-gensyms (tp)
`(let ((,tp ,type))
(setf (gethash ,tp *http-type-priority*) ,priority)
,@(when type-expression
`((defmethod type-expression (parameter (type (eql ,type))) ,type-expression)))
,@(when type-assertion
`((defmethod type-assertion (parameter (type (eql ,type))) ,type-assertion))))))
;;;;; Common HTTP types
(define-http-type (:string))
(define-http-type (:integer)
:type-expression `(parse-integer ,parameter :junk-allowed t)
:type-assertion `(numberp ,parameter))
(define-http-type (:json)
:type-expression `(json:decode-json-from-string ,parameter))
(define-http-type (:keyword)
:type-expression `(->keyword ,parameter))
(define-http-type (:list-of-keyword)
:type-expression `(loop for elem in (json:decode-json-from-string ,parameter)
if (stringp elem) collect (->keyword elem)
else do (error (make-instance 'http-assertion-error :assertion `(stringp ,elem)))))
(define-http-type (:list-of-integer)
:type-expression `(json:decode-json-from-string ,parameter)
:type-assertion `(every #'numberp ,parameter))
;;;;;;;;;; Constructing argument lookups
(defun args-by-type-priority (args &optional (priority-table *http-type-priority*))
(let ((cpy (copy-list args)))
(sort cpy #'<=
:key (lambda (arg)
(if (listp arg)
(gethash (second arg) priority-table 0)
(defun arg-exp (arg-sym)
`(aif (cdr (assoc ,(->keyword arg-sym) (parameters request)))
(uri-decode it)
(error (make-instance 'http-assertion-error :assertion ',arg-sym))))
(defun arguments (args body)
(loop with res = body
for arg in (args-by-type-priority args)
do (match arg
((guard arg-sym (symbolp arg-sym))
(setf res `(let ((,arg-sym ,(arg-exp arg-sym)))
((list* arg-sym type restrictions)
(setf res
`(let ((,arg-sym ,(or (type-expression (arg-exp arg-sym) type) (arg-exp arg-sym))))
,@(awhen (type-assertion arg-sym type) `((assert-http ,it)))
,@(loop for r in restrictions collect `(assert-http ,r))
finally (return res)))
;;;;;;;;;; Defining Handlers
(defmacro make-closing-handler ((&key (content-type "text/html")) (&rest args) &body body)
(with-gensyms (cookie?)
`(lambda (sock ,cookie? session request)
(declare (ignorable session request))
,(arguments args
`(let* ((headers (list (cons "Cache-Control" "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate")
(cons "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" "*")
(cons "Access-Control-Allow-Headers" "Content-Type")))
(result (progn ,@body))
(if (typep result 'response)
:content-type ,content-type
:cookie (unless ,cookie? (token session))
:body result))))
(setf (headers response) headers)
(write! response (flex-stream sock))
(socket-close sock))))))
(defmacro make-stream-handler ((&rest args) &body body)
(with-gensyms (cookie?)
`(lambda (sock ,cookie? session request)
(declare (ignorable session request))
,(arguments args
`(let ((headers (list (cons "Cache-Control" "no-cache, no-store, must-revalidate")
(cons "Access-Control-Allow-Origin" "*")
(cons "Access-Control-Allow-Headers" "Content-Type")))
(res (progn ,@body))
(stream (flex-stream sock)))
:keep-alive? t :content-type "text/event-stream"
:headers headers
:cookie (unless ,cookie? (token session)))
(crlf stream)
(make-instance 'sse :data (or res "Listening..."))
(force-output stream))))))
(defun parse-var (str)
(let ((pair (split-at #\= (string-upcase (subseq str 1)))))
(if (second pair)
(list (intern (first pair)) (intern (second pair) :keyword))
(intern (first pair)))))
(defun check-for-dupes (full-params)
(let ((dupes (make-hash-table)))
(loop for arg in full-params
for a = (if (consp arg) (car arg) arg)
do (incf (gethash a dupes 0)))
(assert (every (lambda (n) (= n 1)) (alexandria:hash-table-values dupes))
nil "Found dupe in parameters: ~s"
(loop for k being the hash-keys of dupes for v being the hash-values of dupes
when (/= v 1) collect k))))
(defmacro define-handler ((name &key (close-socket? t) (content-type "text/html") (method :any)) (&rest args) &body body)
(let* ((processed (process-uri name))
(path-vars (loop for v in processed when (path-var? v) collect (parse-var v)))
(full-params (append args path-vars)))
(check-for-dupes full-params)
(list ,@(cons method processed))
,(if close-socket?
`(make-closing-handler (:content-type ,content-type) ,full-params ,@body)
`(make-stream-handler ,full-params ,@body)))))
(defmacro define-json-handler ((name &key (method :any)) (&rest args) &body body)
`(define-handler (,name :content-type "application/json") ,args
(json:encode-json-to-string (progn ,@body))))
;;;;; Special case handlers
;;; Don't use these in production. There are better ways.
(defmethod define-file-handler ((path pathname) &key stem-from (method :any))
(cond ((cl-fad:directory-exists-p path)
(lambda (fname)
(define-file-handler fname :stem-from (or stem-from (format nil "~a" path)) :method method))))
((cl-fad:file-exists-p path)
(cons method (process-uri (path->uri path :stem-from stem-from)))
(let ((mime (path->mimetype path)))
(lambda (sock cookie? session request)
(declare (ignore cookie? session request))
(if (cl-fad:file-exists-p path)
(with-open-file (s path :direction :input :element-type 'octet)
(let ((buf (make-array (file-length s) :element-type 'octet)))
(read-sequence buf s)
(make-instance 'response :content-type mime :body buf)
(flex-stream sock)))
(socket-close sock))
(error! +404+ sock))))))
(warn "Tried serving nonexistent file '~a'" path)))
(defmethod define-file-handler ((path string) &key stem-from)
(define-file-handler (pathname path) :stem-from stem-from))
(defun redirect! (target &key permanent?)
:response-code (if permanent? "301 Moved Permanently" "307 Temporary Redirect")
:location target :content-type "text/plain" :body "Resource moved..."))
(defmacro define-redirect-handler ((name &key permanent? (method :any)) target)
(with-gensyms (cookie?)
(list ,@(cons method (process-uri name)))
(lambda (sock ,cookie? session request)
(declare (ignorable sock ,cookie? session request))
(redirect! ,target :permanent? ,permanent?)
(flex-stream sock))
(socket-close sock)))))