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(in-package :house)
;;;;; A minimal, custom Trie
;;;;;;;; (It needs to allow for variables at each level, including prospective matching of the rest of a URI segment)
(defstruct trie
(value nil)
(map (make-hash-table :test 'equal))
(vars (make-hash-table)))
(defun any-vars? (trie)
(> (hash-table-count (trie-vars trie)) 0))
(defun path-var? (str)
(and (stringp str)
(> (length str) 0)
(eql #\- (char str 0))))
(defun var-key (str)
(let ((pair (split-at #\= (string-upcase (subseq str 1)))))
(intern (car pair) :keyword)))
(defun trie-insert! (key value trie)
(labels ((rec (key-parts trie)
(cond ((null key-parts)
(setf (trie-value trie) value))
((path-var? (first key-parts))
(next! (var-key (first key-parts)) (rest key-parts) (trie-vars trie)))
(next! (first key-parts) (rest key-parts) (trie-map trie)))))
(next! (k rest map)
(let ((next (gethash k map)))
(if next
(rec rest next)
(rec rest (setf (gethash k map) (make-trie)))))))
(rec key trie)
(defun trie-lookup (key trie)
(labels ((rec (key-parts trie bindings)
(if key-parts
(let ((next (gethash (canonical (first key-parts)) (trie-map trie))))
(cond (next
(rec (rest key-parts) next bindings))
((any-vars? trie)
(loop for k being the hash-keys of (trie-vars trie)
for v being the hash-values of (trie-vars trie)
do (multiple-value-bind (val bindings)
(rec (rest key-parts) v (cons (cons k (first key-parts)) bindings))
(when val
(return-from trie-lookup (values val bindings))))))
(values (trie-value trie) bindings)))
(canonical (thing)
(typecase thing
(string (string-upcase thing))
(t thing))))
(rec key trie nil)))
;;;;; And using it to structure our handler table
(defclass handler-table ()
((handlers :initform (make-trie) :initarg :handlers :reader handlers)))
(defun empty () (make-instance 'handler-table))
(defparameter *handler-table* (empty))
(defmethod process-uri ((uri string)) (split-at #\/ (string-upcase uri)))
(defmethod process-uri ((uri symbol)) (process-uri (symbol-name uri)))
(defun insert-handler! (uri handler-fn &key (handler-table *handler-table*))
(trie-insert! uri handler-fn (handlers handler-table))
(defun find-handler (method uri-string &key (handler-table *handler-table*))
(let ((split (split-at #\/ uri-string))
(handlers (handlers handler-table)))
(or (trie-lookup (cons method split) handlers)
(trie-lookup (cons :any split) handlers))))
(defmacro with-handler-table (tbl &body body)
`(let ((*handler-table* ,tbl))