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The personal blog of Inaimathi
  • Currently written in Clojure (formerly in Haskell, formerly in Go, formerly in Common Lisp).
  • Serves posts from the .md files found in resources/posts/, so you could theoretically just read it from this repo (but it seems like it would be a pain in the ass to figure out which post is supposed to be the latest)
  • All prose contained herein is licesned under CC-BY-SA 3.0. The code constituting the site itself is releaed under Expat


  • Fixed FS signal problem. The reload of posts.json seems to hang at around 111 on the live system (not on the dev system, oddly). I suspect memory issues. See what you can do about it, but don't stress; this is going away once you move post metadata into the post markup itself.

  • Cache static pages, instead of reading them each time

  • Revisit old blogs. NOW AT: id:93

  • BGG Data Sifting is MIA. All the cl-notebook articles have issues with the translation-from-markdown approach. cl-notebook obviously needs an export-to-markdown feature.

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