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(in-package #:lem)
;;;;; Basic model stuff
(defclass grid-space ()
((occupant :accessor occupant :initarg :occupant :initform nil)))
(defclass unit ()
((state :reader state :initarg :state :initform (make-hash-table))
(code :reader code :initarg :code :initform nil)
:reader behavior :initarg :behavior
:initform (lambda (neighborhood)
(declare (ignore neighborhood))
(defmethod unit-type ((thing unit))
(class-name (class-of thing)))
(defmethod get-state ((thing unit) (key symbol) &optional default)
(gethash key (state thing) default))
(defmethod set-state! ((thing unit) (key symbol) value)
(setf (gethash key (state thing)) value))
(defmethod empty? ((void null)) nil)
(defmethod empty? ((grid-space grid-space))
(null (occupant grid-space)))
(defmethod empty! ((void null)) nil)
(defmethod empty! ((grid-space grid-space))
(setf (occupant grid-space) nil))
(defmethod move-to! ((b grid-space) (a grid-space))
(setf (occupant b) (occupant a))
(empty! a)
(defmethod spawn-in! ((void null) (thing unit) &rest state-k/v-pairs) nil)
(defmethod spawn-in! ((grid-space grid-space) (thing unit) &rest state-k/v-pairs)
(let ((u (make-instance
(class-name (class-of thing)) :code (code thing) :behavior (behavior thing)
:state (alexandria:plist-hash-table state-k/v-pairs))))
;; TODO - inherit state from thing
(setf (occupant grid-space) u)
(defmethod spawn-in! ((grid-space grid-space) (thing symbol) &rest state-k/v-pairs)
(setf (occupant grid-space)
(apply (fdefinition thing) state-k/v-pairs))
;;;;; Machine definition
(defmacro define-machine (name &body body)
(let ((neighborhood (gensym "NEIGH")))
(defclass ,name (unit)
((code :initform ',body)
(lambda (,neighborhood)
(flet ((neighbor (x y) (get-neighbor ,neighborhood x y)))
(let* ((here (neighbor 0 0))
(self (occupant here)))
(declare (ignorable here self))
(defun ,name (&rest state-k/v-pairs)
(make-instance ',name :state (alexandria:plist-hash-table state-k/v-pairs))))))
;;;;; Specific machines
(define-machine ray
(spawn-in! (neighbor -1 0) self))
(define-machine line
(let ((position (get-state self :position 0)))
(when (> 10 position)
(spawn-in! (neighbor -1 0) self :position (+ position 1)))
(unless (= 0 position)
(spawn-in! (neighbor 1 0) self :position (- position 1)))))
(define-machine box
(let ((x (get-state self :x 0))
(y (get-state self :y 0)))
(when (and (> 10 x) (or (= y 0) (= y 10)))
(spawn-in! (neighbor -1 0) self :x (+ x 1) :y y))
(unless (= 0 x)
(when (or (= y 0) (= y 10))
(spawn-in! (neighbor 1 0) self :x (- x 1) :y y)))
(when (and (> 10 y) (or (= x 0) (= x 10)))
(spawn-in! (neighbor 0 -1) self :x x :y (+ y 1)))
(unless (= 0 y)
(when (or (= x 0) (= x 10))
(spawn-in! (neighbor 0 1) self :x x :y (- y 1))))))
;;;;; Grid Simulation
(defclass grid ()
((width :reader width :initarg :width :initform 30)
(height :reader height :initarg :height :initform 60)
(legend :reader legend :initarg :legend :initform (make-hash-table :test 'eql))
(spaces :reader spaces :initarg :spaces
:initform (make-array
(list 30 60)
(loop for x from 0 repeat 30
collect (loop for y from 0 repeat 60
collect (make-instance 'grid-space)))))))
;; FIXME - all of the below should expect/emit `grid` instead of a 2D array
(defun make-grid (w h)
(let ((arr (make-array
(list w h)
(loop for x from 0 repeat w
collect (loop for y from 0 repeat h
collect (make-instance 'grid-space))))))
(make-instance 'grid :spaces arr :width w :height h)))
(defmethod get-cell ((grid grid) x y)
(aref (spaces grid) x y))
(defun shuffle! (lst) (sort lst #'< :key (lambda (v) (declare (ignore v)) (random 1.0))))
(defmethod step! ((sim-grid grid))
(loop for (x . y) in (shuffle!
(loop for y from 0 repeat (height sim-grid)
append (loop for x from 0 repeat (width sim-grid) collect (cons x y))))
for g = (get-cell sim-grid x y)
unless (empty? g)
do (funcall
(behavior (occupant g))
(neighborhood-of sim-grid x y)))
;;; Neighborhoods
(defparameter n*von-neumann
'((-1 0) (1 0) (0 1) (0 -1)))
(defparameter n*moore
(loop for x in (list -1 0 1)
append (loop for y in (list -1 0 1)
collect (list x y))))
(defparameter n*extended
(loop for x from -4 to 4 append
(loop for y from -4 to 4
when (>= 4 (+ (abs x) (abs y)))
collect (list x y))))
(defun get-neighbor (neighborhood x y)
(cdr (assoc (cons x y) neighborhood :test #'equal)))
(defmethod neighborhood-of ((grid grid) x y)
(loop for (xd yd) in n*extended
for new-x = (+ xd x) for new-y = (+ yd y)
when (array-in-bounds-p (spaces grid) new-x new-y)
collect (cons (cons xd yd) (get-cell grid new-x new-y))))
;;;;; Console display basics
(defmethod ->ascii ((u unit))
(or (get-state u :ascii) "+"))
(defmethod show ((u unit) &key (stream *standard-output*))
(format stream (->ascii u)))
(defmethod show ((g grid-space) &key (stream *standard-output*))
(if (empty? g)
(format stream ".")
(show (occupant g) :stream stream)))
(defmethod show! ((sim-grid grid))
(loop for y from 0 repeat (height sim-grid)
do (loop for x from 0 repeat (width sim-grid)
do (show (get-cell sim-grid x y)))
do (format t "~%"))
(format t "~%~%"))
;;; Console interaction basics
(defmethod seed! ((sim-grid grid) x y thing)
(spawn-in! (get-cell sim-grid x y) thing))
(defmethod sshow! ((sim-grid grid))
(step! sim-grid)
(show! sim-grid))
(defmethod play! ((sim-grid grid) &key (delay 1))
do (sshow! sim-grid)
do (sleep delay)))