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Installation scripts to make it easier for me to set up new development machines
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Installation scripts to make setting up a new linux machine easier for me.

Note the me in the above sentence. This is highly unlikely to be useful to you, except perhaps as a script collection to pillage chunklets of.


  • Removed the emacs packages from nix-land, since they seem to have disappeared :/ (put together a setup.el file, I guess)


If you're future me,

  1. Put your id_rsa and into ~/.ssh/
  2. Run from this directory (It will prompt for a root password, and take a looong time. Go get a sandwich or something, but be ready to do a bit or two of authentication/confirmation input)

You should then be able to do all the cool things you want to do with no hassle.

If you're not me ... probably best not to. This script is optimized to my idiosyncratic machine setup (and actually assumes a particular piece of hardware at the moment too). The result will be a system set up to run under Xmonad with no window manager, minimal external volume automation, and an emacs-like set of keystrokes for piloting. You'll want to tear most of it out and replace it with something similarly useful to you.


  • install everything you can from nix
  • things that don't work/aren't available from nix, install from the Debian repos
  • language-specific libraries install via language-specific build tools (quicklisp, opam, stack, pip, etc)
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