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[{edis, [% Accept connections on the specified ports, default for Redis is 6379.
{listener_port_range, {6379,6379}},
% The working directory.
% The DB (or DBs) will be written inside this directory, if the backend needs it
% Note that you must specify a directory here, not a file name.
{dir, "/etc/edis/db"},
% If the server couldn't send a message in this interval, it closes the connection to the client
{client_timeout, 35000},
% Set the number of databases. The default database is DB 0, you can select
% a different one on a per-connection basis using SELECT <dbid> where
% dbid is a number between 0 and 'databases'-1
{databases, 16},
% Require clients to issue AUTH <PASSWORD> before processing any other
% commands. This might be useful in environments in which you do not trust
% others with access to the host running redis-server.
% This should be undefined for backward compatibility and because most
% people do not need auth (e.g. they run their own servers).
% Warning: since edis is pretty fast an outside user can try up to
% 150k passwords per second against a good box. This means that you should
% use a very strong password otherwise it will be very easy to break.
{requirepass, undefined},
% edis_backend implementation to use as the backend for edis
{backend, {edis_eleveldb_backend, [{create_if_missing, true}]}}]},
{lager, [
{lager_console_backend, [debug,true]}
{sasl, [{errlog_type, all},
{sasl_error_logger, {file, "/var/log/edis.sasl.log"}}]}].
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