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Gold Fever

A Treasure Hunt for Erlangers


This repo provides the server for a distributed treasure hunt game using erlang nodes. It was originally used for Inaka's Erlang Dojo 2015, but it can hopefully be used by anyone :)


Booting up the Server

To run the server just clone the repo and start the app in shell:

git clone
cd gold_fever
make && make shell

Then let the players connect to it by giving them your node name and cookie (as a bonus you can give them a clue to get the cookie instead).

The Players

For the players the story begins when they boot up an erlang node and connect to the server. At that time, they'll receive the first clue that will let them move along. Once they deciphered that clue they'll have to perform another action that will lead them to the next clue, and so on so far until they eventually find the treasure. The actual story depends on the server configuration. With the default configuration, the game is set up somewhere in the far west and a well known burglar has escaped with a treasure in his hands. It's the player's task to find him and retrieve the treasure to its rightful owner.



(don't click the links if you just want to play with the default configuration)

The different game stages are configured by application environment. To help you with that a sys.config.template is provided, along with the configuration we used at inaka and the generic one that's used by default. If you want to start the server using your own config, just do:

CONFIG="path/to/your.config" make shell

You can also set the IP part of your node name by doing:

NODEIP= make shell

Contact Us

If you find any bugs or have a problem while using this library, please open an issue in this repo (or a pull request :)).

And you can check all of our open-source projects at