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RUN := +P 99999999 +Bc +K true -smp enable -pa ebin deps/*/ebin -s crypto -s inets -s ssl -s elog -s socketio ${ERLARGS}
rebar get-deps && rebar compile
rebar clean
build_plt: all
dialyzer -pa deps/*/ebin --apps erts kernel stdlib inets --output_plt ~/.match_stream_dialyzer_plt --build_plt
analyze: all
dialyzer -pa deps/*/ebin --plt ~/.match_stream_dialyzer_plt -Wunmatched_returns -Werror_handling -Wrace_conditions ebin
rebar update-deps
doc: all
rebar skip_deps=true doc
xref: all
rebar skip_deps=true xref
run: all
erl -boot start_sasl ${RUN} -s match_stream
shell: all
erl -boot start_sasl ${RUN}
test: all
erl -noshell -noinput ${RUN} -run match_stream_tests main
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