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go doc with colors
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Like go doc but with colors.


$ go get -u


Accepts all the arguments and flags go doc works with. Godocc is just a simple wrapper around the go doc tool.


$ godocc io Writer

godocc sample 1

$ godocc ioutil

godocc sample 2


godocc comes with many colors! Configure the color of the output by setting the following env variable:

$ GODOCC_STYLE="dracula"

My favorite styles: dracula, monokai, fruity, native, paraiso-dark, pygments, rainbow_dash, rrt, solarized-dark, swapoff, vim.

Other styles: abap, algol, arduino, autumn, borland, bw, colorful, emacs, friendly, github, igor, lovelace, manni, monokailight, murphy, paraiso-light, pastie, perldoc, solarized-light256, solarized-light, tango, trac, vs, xcode.

NOTE: Godocc uses the awesome Chroma package underneath.

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