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# This file contains metadata for your plugin. Beginning
# with version 1.8 this is the preferred way to supply information about a
# plugin. The current method of embedding metadata in will
# be supported until version 2.0
# This file should be included when you package your plugin.
# Mandatory items:
description=InaSAFE is free software that allows disaster managers to study realistic natural hazard impact scenarios for better planning, preparedness and response activities.
about=Developed for the Indonesian Government - BNPB, Australian Government - AIFDR and DMInnovation and, and World Bank - GFDRR
# alpha, beta, rc or final
# end of mandatory metadata
# Optional items:
Version 4.1.3
- Custom map report template support (#4240)
Version 4.1.2
- Avoid recomputing analysis extent when we pan/zoom with an aggregation layer
- Fix issue when using a continuous hazard dataset (#4289)
- Fix for cases where a pie chart slice calculation has a divide by zero error (#4289)
- Fix issue where Keywords Wizard is not enabled if old keywords exist (#4284)
- Fix python exception when using InaSAFE in French
Version 4.1.1
- Fix failed unit test.
- Remove unused method in KeywordIO.
- Fix #3751. Set to use default db path from definition.
- Rename metadata for output layer. Add other output explicitly to metadata mapping.
- Remove unused code in metadata utilities.
- Update translations
- Fix #3857. Ignore filter in path.
- Fix #4248. Expression.
- Update for Badan Geologi landcover classification
- Update French Translations
- Fix some strings in Python
- Add pregnant and lactating displaced to the count fields (#4244)
Version 4.1.0
- Reporting : Improved action and checklist reporting
- Reporting : Quick save as pdf
- Reporting : Detailed demographic breakdowns
- Reporting : Inclusion of concept definitions under tables
- Reporting : New provenance report
- Impact Functions : Standardised Tropical Cyclone wind speed averaging time periods
- Impact Functions : Improvements to earthquake options panel
- Impact Functions : Options for demographic breakdowns
- Impact Functions : Fatalities calculations in earthquake on vector population
- Tools : Help system improvements
- Documentation : Developer guide for adding a new hazard
- Issues : Bug fixes and improvements
# tags are comma separated with spaces allowed
tags=contingency planning, impact assessments, disaster scenarios, natural hazards,risk
# experimental flag
# deprecated flag (applies to the whole plugin, not just a single version
# Author contact information
author=Indonesian Government - BNPB, Australian Government and World Bank - GFDRR