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@@ -306,3 +306,40 @@ Initial notes on the process::
Which will create pot files which can be found under build/locale. Note that
this make target needs to be tweaked so that it builds a unique directory
for each supported locale.
+[3:16:23 PM] Tim Sutton: scripts/
+[3:16:40 PM] Tim Sutton: git commit -m "Regenerated translation po files" -a
+[3:17:13 PM] Tim Sutton: scripts/
+[3:17:22 PM] Tim Sutton: and then wait quite a long time
+[3:17:30 PM] Tim Sutton: the script basically does this:
+[3:17:50 PM] Tim Sutton: - makes sure each po source file is registered as a transifex resource
+[3:18:16 PM] Tim Sutton: - adds a translation source for each locale (determined by subdirs of i18n dir)
+[3:18:29 PM] Tim Sutton: for each resource
+[3:18:47 PM] Tim Sutton: - pushes the resources and their translation files to transifex
+[3:18:52 PM] Tim Sutton: eof
+[3:19:17 PM] Tim Sutton: when you want to collect any translations from transifex, it is the reverse process so you do:
+[3:19:25 PM] Tim Sutton: tx pull
+[3:19:32 PM] Tim Sutton: scripts/
+[3:20:01 PM] Tim Sutton: git commit -m "Updated translations from transifex community edited translation files" -a
+[3:20:07 PM] Tim Sutton: eof
+[3:20:25 PM] Tim Sutton: that will basically ensure that any translations done on transifex get put into git
+[3:20:55 PM] Tim Sutton: note that in scripts/ there is a VERSION variable that must be configured for each QGIS release
+[3:21:07 PM] Tim Sutton: in the form 1-8 (. char is not allowed)
+[3:21:28 PM] Tim Sutton: so that is the theoretical procedure
+[3:21:46 PM] Tim Sutton: you can also push a po file individually using the command line client like this:
+[3:22:07 PM] Tim Sutton: tx push -s -t -l de -r qgis-documentation.v1-8-docs-qgis-gui
+[3:22:54 PM] Tim Sutton: that will push the source (-s) and translation file (-t) for language (-l) de for the resource (-r) qgis-documentation.v1-8-docs-qgis-gui up to the transifex web server
+[3:23:04 PM] Tim Sutton: however running that I see the same error you reported:
+[3:23:11 PM] Tim Sutton: Remote server replied: Error uploading file: There is a syntax error in your file
+[3:23:26 PM] Tim Sutton: so lets try that msgfrmt -c command and see if we can figure out why
+[3:23:53 PM] Otto Dassau: usually there is a "fuzzy" word in the header
+[3:24:26 PM] Otto Dassau: and somewhere in the text might be some etxra "" in the translation part that shouldn't be there.
+[3:24:53 PM] Tim Sutton: timlinux@waterfall:~/dev/cpp/QGIS-Documentation$ msgfmt -c i18n/en/LC_MESSAGES/docs/user_manual/introduction/qgis_gui.po
+msgfmt: i18n/en/LC_MESSAGES/docs/user_manual/introduction/qgis_gui.po: warning: PO file header fuzzy
+ warning: older versions of msgfmt will give an error on this
+[3:25:10 PM] Tim Sutton: ok so I dont have a good solution on how to deal with that
+[3:25:25 PM] Tim Sutton: does linguist also have the same issues

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