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To assist new developers in writing impact functions, it would help to have some templates e.g. for each combination of hazard and exposure data types.

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It was discussed and agree that we should rather produce some documentation guiding (power) users in writing new impact functions. Perhaps on for each relevant combination of impact layer types.

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@uniomni uniomni First cut of impact function guide done (#487) - still need example w…
…ith assign_hazard_level_to_exposure.

A first cut is available at

Outstanding are

  • How to link from document to docstring in the source documentation
  • Writing a section showing the use of the function assign_hazard_values_to_exposure_data
  • Writing examples for other data types
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@uniomni uniomni Wrote sections on deploying impact functions and also the use of assi…
…gn_hazard_values_to_exposure_data towards issues #487

Some of the cross references were broken due to a recent restructure of the docs. For example, the current references to ../static are no longer valid.
Need to be modified as per Tim's instructions:

* place your static files under resources//foo.resource
* don't use the .. in front of static paths anymore so e.g.

.. figure:: /static/plugin-manager.png
   :align: center

* when script runs it does the following:
  - copies resources/en source/static
  - overcopies resources/ source/static

* In this way the en resources form a baseline and anything a translator might have prepared will mask out the en version of a resource, otherwise the original en version is show.
To generate docs do

make docs


Something to investigate image:: references are still using the ../ prefix and seem to work, but figures are not:

timlinux@waterfall:~/dev/python/inasafe-dev/docs/source$ egrep -r "image::"
user-docs/dock.rst:   .. image:: ../../toggle-traceback.png If you click on this button, it
user-docs/dock.rst.orig:   .. image:: ../../toggle-traceback.png If you click on this button, it
tutorial-docs/tutorial.rst.orig:.. image:: /static/tutorial/001.png
tutorial-docs/tutorial.rst.orig:.. image:: ../static/tutorial/001.png
tutorial-docs/tutorial.rst.orig:.. image:: /static/tutorial/002.png

developer-docs/platform_windows.rst:.. figure:: /static/msysgit-step1.jpg
developer-docs/platform_windows.rst:.. figure:: /static/msysgit-step2.jpg
developer-docs/platform_windows.rst:.. figure:: /static/msysgit-step3.jpg
developer-docs/platform_windows.rst:.. figure:: /static/msysgit-step4.jpg

So I still need to get a proper handle on why ../ works in some cases and not in others. My understanding was/is that when you reference a resource, it uses a relative path to the source file so for this scenario:

-- user-docs
---- foo.rst
-- developer-docs
-- static
---- user-docs
------ foo.img

For referencing foo.img from foo.rst my understanding is the path should be: ../../static/user-docs/foo.img but I need to confirm this is actually the case...and how sphinx is interpretting absolute paths like /static/user-docs/foo.img.



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@ismailsunni ismailsunni Add some detail for #487 989db2f

In inasafe/inasafe-doc#116 changing to relative paths seem to work on local build. Is this the proper modification to do ?

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