@timlinux timlinux released this Jan 6, 2016 · 4632 commits to develop since this release

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Fixes / changes in this release:

  • Adds data source and CRS to the keywords list in dock
  • Wizard: ged rid of eval() statements #2329
  • Use Date Picker in Keywords Wizard #2499
  • Fix Keywords Wizard crashes on repeated use #2514
  • Fix Crash Minidump when try to use InaSAFE keyword editor twice #2467
  • Fix #2515 BUG : Can Not Use the Wizard (because No module named qgsdatetimeedit)
  • Fix serializing classified raster values
  • Fix #2504 - exception raised when messaging cell contains nested table or bullet list due to slashes param not being accepted by table class to_html() method.
  • Fix Python error in PDF generator and Open in Composer using IFCW #2532
  • Fix Python bug when creating a pdf map #2523