Nightly Builds

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This page describes how to install nightly builds on your system - typically something only power users and testers would want to do. Please note the caution at the end of this page!

You may also want to read the experimental builds page - it may be more suitable since that repository containts test builds that are not automatically updated.

Usage procedure:

  • Click on Plugins -> Manage and Install Plugins in the plugin manager
  • Click on the Settings tab on the left of the plugin manager
  • Ensure that Show also experimental plugins is checked in the plugin manager settings
  • Scroll down on the settings main content area until you see the `Add`` button - then click the add button
  • Set the Name to InaSAFE Nightly
  • Set the URL to - leave all other options in their default state
  • Click OK
  • Click back on the All tab on the left
  • Search for InaSAFE in the plugin manager
  • You should find a plugin called InaSAFE-Nightly listed
  • Select it and then press Install Plugin or Reinstall Plugin if you are trying to update it

Pictorial overview

repository details_003

plugins settings_004

plugins installed 42 _005

Some caveats:

  • Currently we are building the test builds nightly (despite the name of this page)
  • The version number is not updated with each build
  • Since the version number is not updated, you will not receive upgrade notices in the QGIS plugin manager - you should manually remove and reinstall the plugin.


  • Ensure that your git checkout is moved aside from your {HOME}/.qgis2/python/plugins folder before attempting to install the nightly - otherwise it will trash anything that was already in {HOME}/.qgis2/python/plugins/inasafe

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