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INaturalistIOS is the official iOS app for submitting data to


We've just finished transitioning to cocoapods: gem install cocoapods, then pod install.

You'll also need to copy config.h.example to config.h and fill in your details.

That should get you set up for local development with the Simulator. If you want to test on actual devices you'll need to get a provisioning profile from Apple and configure the project to use it:


  • Autoupload
  • Final screen of new observation flow
  • Observation Detail Screen
  • News Feed for Projects & Site News
  • Redo Project pages
  • Reuse Observation Detail Screen in the Explore Tab
  • Background Uploading
  • New User Onboarding
  • Add photo for profile pic
  • Make New Observation from Photo Activity
  • Activity Feed
  • Taxon Detail pages
  • Taxon chooser (Pending no species guess test)
  • Me tab adding Species and Identifications list (if bodes well on Android)
  • New Observation Flow 2.0
  • Observation List Redesign (Me Tab)
  • Explore Tab redux
  • Better Stats & Leaderboards
  • People
  • Notifications from server (instead of polling server)
  • Background Fetch
  • Faving

Icebox (stuff that we might like to do someday)

  • Spotlight search for iNat user content
  • Core data storage for explore content
  • Tools for identifiers

Other stuff

  • RestKit upgrade or alternative?
  • Upgrade to latest Facebook & G+ auth toolkits