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iNaturalistAndroid is an Android app for If you'd like to contribute code, please check out Contributing Code to iNaturalist for general guidelines. If you'd like to contribute translations, please provide them through our Crowdin project (look for the strings.xml file to work on the Android app).


  1. Make sure you have the latest Android Studio
  2. Download the iNaturalist source code and extract to a directory of your choosing
  3. Go to iNaturalist/src/main/res/values and copy config.example.xml to config.xml (and change its values to match your GMaps, FB, etc. keys)
  4. Go to iNaturalist/ and copy google-services.example.json to google-services.json. This contains stub values that will allow the app to build but won't connect to Firebase or other Google Services.
  5. From Android Studio: File -> Open -> Choose the root directory of the downloaded source code
  6. Download and install Android NDK
  7. Make sure ANDROID_NDK_HOME environment variable points to the NDK root path.
  8. If on Mac: Make sure the above env variable is passed to Android Studio's gradle system:
  9. Clean & build