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Means to distinguish multiple listed taxa with the same taxon & place #196

loarie opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Its possible to have multiple listed taxa for the same taxon and place spread across multiple checklists. For example, here's Croton setigerus on the default list and also a Pepperwood Flora list:
screen shot 2013-12-11 at 3 09 13 pm

This can be problematic because they can have different establishment means/occurrence_status, place notes, and the cached observation_stats often differ, but there is no way to specify which displays on
/places/show#guidetab or the default /check_lists/show

Possible solution:

Step 1: display links to the other listed_taxa (same taxon & place) from /listed_taxa/show
Step 2: add a primary_listing column to listed_taxa
Step 3: if >1 listed taxa with same place & taxon, set primary_listing = false for all but one
Step 4: add UI for displaying and setting the primary_listing for a listed_taxon
screen shot 2013-12-11 at 3 09 20 pm
If someone deletes a listed_taxon with primary_listing = true, check for others with same place/taxon and if they exist, set one to primary_listing = true


I am mostly ok with this, but one question, one issue, and one bit of feature creep.

Question: do you want to use primary_listing to control what gets shown at and If so, some serious thought needs to be given to the database indexes that underly those pages.

Issue: this will require a script to be run that will set primary_listing on all existing listed taxa. This script will take a very long time because there are a lot.

Creep: it would be good to use this column as a way of limiting the listed taxon stats queries, i.e. don't collect stats when primary is false, show stats from the primary when showing non-primary listed taxa. A nice-to-have, but I figured I'd state it at least to remind myself.

I think this is ok to contract.


yes, I think it would be good to control both and to diminish the discrepancies between whats shown on these views to minimize confusion.

Re: Creep:
I think it would be good to have the primary_listing control all the obs stats both for the performance benefits you mention, but also to ensure they are the same on all listings (same taxon/place) which isn't always the case for whatever reason. Might also want to do this for establishment means, occurrence status, place notes and comments? I can see partial advantages for having checklists control this separately, but is there ever really a good reason to have something listed as native on one list and introduced on another for the same place/taxon?


Yeah, I agree it would be good to lump est. means and occ. status. Not comments, though.

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