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Display listed_taxa from place checklists on project lists #206

loarie opened this Issue Dec 13, 2013 · 4 comments


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loarie commented Dec 13, 2013

Many projects are place based. As a result, there's a strong temptation to manually populate the project list with listed_taxa found in the place to get a 'X of Y observed' style count. Discrepancies between these counts and displays for place based projects and places, and questions about why adding taxa to one doesn't update the other is a persistent source of confusion.

Proposed Solution:
Currently, a project list might be populated automatically from observations, then a project curator might also manually add listed taxa. In this example, I'm following the proposal here #205 for how listed_taxa on project lists ought to be generated.
screen shot 2013-12-13 at 2 38 35 am
Here, the project count and the listed_taxa displayed on the list would be as follows:
screen shot 2013-12-13 at 2 38 56 am
For place based projects, I propose a setting on lists/show/edit that would alternatively display listed_taxa from the place while disabling the ability to manually add listed taxa to a project list.
screen shot 2013-12-13 at 2 39 17 am
If project curators wanted to populate the Y of 'X of Y observed', they'd be encouraged to work on the place checklist(s). On the project list, this setting would then count and display listed taxa both from the project list generated from suitable observations (again in my example they are generated as proposed in issue #205) as well as other listed taxa belonging to the place. For example:
screen shot 2013-12-13 at 2 39 49 am
The one tricky thing here is to note that a single obs might generate a different listed taxa on the project list from the listed taxa generated on the default place checklist. In this example, the obs with the community_id of Felis catus would generate a listed taxon of Felis cats on the default place checklist and a listed_taxa of Puma concolor (from the overriding project curator_id) on the project checklist. But I think its appropriate to display and count both.

If there are multiple listed taxa representing the same taxa on both the project list & place list, it would be best to display the place list one first as this listing would contain checklist values like establishment means while the project listing would not. This would allow the filters proposed in issue #198 to be displayed which would be very useful.
screen shot 2013-12-13 at 2 40 27 am
Listed taxa only on the project list like 'Puma concolor' in the above example would not be returned in searches using these filters since they aren't listed on any checklists


kueda commented Dec 16, 2013

I think this is ok, if kind of confusing for all concerned, but if the project owner chooses to show listed taxa from the place, why have a project list at all?


loarie commented Dec 16, 2013

the project list is used to generate either a 'X taxa observed' count or a 'X of Y taxa observed' count. Here, I'm proposing a setting wherein the project list only handles the X (e.g. you can't manually add unobserved taxa) and the place list handles the Y. I think you'd still need a project list to generate the X


kueda commented Dec 16, 2013

...ok. I guess that's alright in principle. It will probably require some pretty ugly changes, though, e.g. filtering by observed/not observed will have to basically do some kind of intersection between the project listed taxa that were observed and all the listed taxa belonging to a place. Maybe whoever works on it can come up with a better solution.


loarie commented Sep 29, 2015


@loarie loarie closed this Sep 29, 2015

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