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List place specific projects first in project search results #243

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This is related to regional instances of iNaturalist and issue #189. Issue #189 allows regionally configured instances of iNaturalist to list their own place-based projects at the top of the Projects page. We New Zealanders would like to suggest that the same be done for the project search results.

iNaturalist is beginning to diversify into regional instances through its upcoming iNatwork, like the Mexican NaturaLista or our New Zealand NatureWatch NZ (now a fork but soon to be a configured instance of iNaturalist). For these to flourish around the world, it will be important that regional communities of naturalists both contribute to the global iNaturalist initiative but don't get swamped by the global community.

One way they could get swamped is in the project search. For example, a search for "restoration" on the iNaturalist project search currently lists 21 projects. NatureWatch NZ currently lists 21 different projects. Once the two projects are merged, it's certainly a possibility that none of the New Zealand projects will be listed on the first page of the search.

Here's what we suggest the search results would look like.

place based project search


Fine with me, though I might prefer a tabbed UI, or something that doesn't have two separate pagination bars. Also, I started a nzintegration label for issues related to bringing NatureWatch into the iNatwork (still can't decide if I like that name...)

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