Firefox plugin path to ffmpeg should not be dereferenced from a symlink #36

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sr105 commented Oct 20, 2014

On OS X, using homebrew, my /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg is a symlink to the real binary /usr/local/Cellar/ffmpeg/2.4.2/bin/ffmpeg. The problem is that when homebrew upgrades ffmpeg, the old location is no longer valid. Iaextractor should just store /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg.

inbasic commented Oct 21, 2014

use the toolbar button -> conversion tools to insert the path manually. The extension has no control over the path selector on the settings.

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sr105 commented Oct 21, 2014

That's a good work around, thanks!
The bug is: Tools->AddOns... then the Preferences button for the extension. The only way to enter the path there is via a File Dialog and it converts the symlink to the real path.

sr105 commented Oct 21, 2014

I looked around on the web and discovered that the dereferencing issue is a bug(?) in Firefox.

inbasic commented Oct 22, 2014

Yes I believe so.

sr105 commented Mar 17, 2015

For posterity's sake:

I created this program to solve the problem. I set the plugin to call this program which in turn calls the real ffmpeg via symlink.


#include <unistd.h>

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) {
  argv[argc] = 0;
  return execv("/usr/local/bin/ffmpeg", argv);
inbasic commented Mar 26, 2015

Another solution is to set the ffmpeg path manually
Open a browser tab and insert about:config. Now find extensions.feca4b87-3be4-43da-a1b1-137c24220968@jetpack.ffmpegPath and change the path to /usr/local/bin/ffmpeg.

Also I believe if you install the latest version of the extension on a clean profile, it should detect the right path. Although if you try to manually point the extension to the ffmpeg, it is going to use the real binary path.


For me (using there was no such preference beginning extensions.feca4b87-3be4-43da-a1b1-137c24220968 so had to point the dialog to a file before it could be changed manually.

inbasic commented Jun 24, 2015

@kittenarmy you are looking for the preference of "Media Converter" extension, not YVAD.
Search for extensions.jid1-kps5PrGBNtzSLQ@jetpack.ffmpeg instead.

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