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I leave a lot messages unread, so it's just 9999 on the labels for me.


Is there anyway after some time that it realizes i dont want to open those messages and it goes away?

inbasic commented May 8, 2014

Well, the easiest way is to mark all your old emails as read from Gmail interface. If you don't want to do this, then the only solution comes to my mind is to monitor a label instead of your inbox. Get more info about how to do this by reading http://add0n.com/gmail-notifier.html


Yeah man I would like to leave them unread. So in future if i need to then i can. Is it possible to make label relative? I don't understand the solution on the page you linked.

inbasic commented May 8, 2014

I think this feed works:

  1. Search "newer_than:2d" in Gmail search box.
  2. There is a small drop-down mark on very right side of the search box. Click on it.
  3. Hit "Create filter with this search" in the opened panel.
  4. Now configure "Apply the label" to send all email to a label called "recent"
  5. Now open the notifier setting. In the feeds section replace the existing feeds with https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/feed/atom/recent
  6. Restart the browser.

Thank you man! I'll test that out tonight :)

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This does not work!

inbasic commented Oct 26, 2014

I am working on a better solution.

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Thanks! Cuz i had to uninistall it based on last solution!


Is there any solution to this problem? Thanks


Not that I found :(

inbasic commented Apr 13, 2015

Actually it is possible through Gmail filters along with a Google App Script.

Gmail filter setup

  1. Search newer_than:2d in Gmail searchbox
  2. Now press the down arrow and click on Create filter from this search
  3. On the next screen, select Apply the label: and assign it to recent label (you need to make a new label with the exact same name as we use the label name later on)

So basically all new emails go to the label recent from now on. The only problem here is Gmail is not removing the label for old emails. We need to use a Google App script for removing the labels after custom time period.

Google App Script Setup

  1. Go to Google Docs
  2. Click on New > More > Google App Script
  3. Paste the following code in the editor
function recent () {
  var delayDays = 7; // Enter # of days
  var maxDate = new Date();

  var label = GmailApp.getUserLabelByName("recent");
  var threads = label.getThreads();
  for (var i = 0; i < threads.length; i++) {
    if (threads[i].getLastMessageDate() < maxDate) {

  1. Press Save and assign a name for the script
  2. Now on the Run menu, press recent to make sure the function works fine.
  3. If it works, now you can set a tiger for the function. Go to Resources menu -> Current Project Triggers and setup a trigger. Here is mine,
    screen shot 2015-04-13 at 10 29 30

This script removes the label recent from threads older than 7 days.

Now setup your Gmail Notifier to notify you about your recent label rather than inbox.

Note: You can play with the Gmail filter more to adjust it based on your needs.


Hey just want to say thanks.Was just wondering if you knew the safest way to keep passwords? I'm a little sceptic on having all passwords in one place! Anywas I'm off for the night so no rush, thnx again

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