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YouTube Control Center provides a set of useful tools for
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YouTube Control Center (iyccenter)

YouTube Control Center provides a set of useful tools for

General information

To compile iyccenter project you need to have these packages and libraries installed:

Folders description:

  • src: source code

  • compile: nodejs compiler

  • ../addon-sdk-*: latest version of Mozilla addon-sdk.

  • preview: screenshots

  • template: bootstrap folder

    By default, the addon-sdk folder is assumed to be one directory above the project. This can be modified using the --sdk parameter.

How to compile this project:

  1. Open a new terminal in the root dir (directory contains src, preview, template, and compile folders)
  2. Run npm install to acquire the necessary nodejs packages
  3. Run node compile/install.js to run iyccenter in a new Firefox profile
    To make the xpi run node compile/install.js --xpi
    For more options use node compile/install.js --help

How to try the pre-compiled latest version:

  1. Select the right branch
  2. Browse the src directory
  3. Download the raw *.xpi file
  4. Drag and drop it into Firefox
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