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Turbo Download Manager (itdmanager) Build Status

Turbo Download Manager is an open-source multi-platform download manager with multi-threading support

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For FAQs and discussions around this project visit:

Downloads (released versions):

  1. Firefox
  2. Chrome
  3. Opera
  4. Android
  5. Windows: SourceForge; only-releases or GitHub; releases and pre-releases
  6. Mac: SourceForge; only-releases or GitHub; releases and pre-releases
  7. Linux SourceForge; only-releases or GitHub; releases and pre-releases

Downloads (developer builds):

Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Android, and Electron (for Windows, Linux and Mac)

Compile itdmanager project:

itdmanager uses GulpJS to build executable files for all platforms. For more info about how to compile this project take a look at ./.travis.yml file. A log file of the latest released or pre-released version is available at

  1. Firefox: gulp firefox
  2. Google Chrome: gulp chrome
  3. Opera: gulp opera
  4. Android:
  5. Preparing project: gulp android
  6. Preparing plugins: 1. cca plugin remove plugin-name 2. cca plugin add path-to-plugin 3. cordova-plugin-background-mode, cordova-plugin-x-toast, cordova-plugin-admobpro, ../../../plugins/android/cordova-plugin-binaryfilewriter,,,, cordova-plugin-fileopener, cordova-plugin-intent, ../../../plugins/android/cordova-plugin-customconfig/
  7. Creating a new project: cca create TDM --link-to=path/to/manifest.json
  8. Installing to a device: cca run android --device or cca run android --emulator
  9. Android submission: 1. cca build android --release --webview=crosswalk 2. cca build android --release --webview=system --android-minSdkVersion=21 3. In case of errors run cca platform remove android followed by cca platform add android
  10. Electron:
  11. Mac: 1. electron-packager . "Turbo Download Manager" --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --version=0.37.7 --icon mac.icns --overwrite
  12. Windows: 1. electron-packager . "Turbo Download Manager" --platform=win32 --arch=x64 --version=0.37.7 --icon ../512.ico --overwrite 1. electron-packager . "Turbo Download Manager" --platform=win32 --arch=ia32 --version=0.37.7 --icon ../512.ico --overwrite
  13. Linux: 1. electron-packager . "Turbo Download Manager" --platform=linux --arch=x64 --version=0.37.7 --overwrite 2. electron-packager . "Turbo Download Manager" --platform=linux --arch=ia32 --version=0.37.7 --overwrite

Preview (YouTube)


Technical notes:

  1. To inspect the webkit related projects use chrome://inspect/#devices
  2. These plugins are required for the Android build: 1. 2. /plugins/android/*
  3. To prevent screen splashes on Android version change the background color of /plugins/cordova-plugin-chrome-apps-bootstrap/www/chromeapp.html to #FFF
  4. To start a local non-threaded server to test the downloader performance use: sudo php -S -t .
  5. To start a local threaded server to test the downloader performance use: node server server.js path-to-a-file