This is the ESDS. It contains the backend for the project. The main projects that are to be used are ingestion-service, api, simple-idp, search-indexer, dashboard, admin-tools and databrowser. All of the projects are Maven driven with the exception of admin-tools and databrowser. Those are both Rails applications. This project runs on Java 7 and…

Updated May 5, 2016

AspectJ 2 3


LRI Reboot 2.0 is a new implementation of the Learning Resource Index backed by an RDBMS and coded in Java.

Updated Mar 9, 2016

XSLT 1 5


This is a placeholder repo for cloned legacy projects

Updated Jun 26, 2014


Global Documentation repository

Updated May 27, 2014

Python 1 5


A collection of various ServerDensity plugins that we have developed for use. These plugins can also be found in the ServerDensity

Updated May 27, 2014

Java 0 2


Portal for the Secure Data Service based upon Liferay

Updated May 27, 2014


Tokengrabber is a developer utility in PHP to demonstrate the OAuth2 process to obtain an API token to interact with the Secure Data Service.

Updated May 27, 2014


This is a Java and Javascript-based application compatible with the Secure Data Service, which allows Educators to view information about their classes and students.

Updated May 27, 2014


Sample code and recipes for working with software APIs

Updated May 27, 2014

Java 8 7


The in-memory LDAP server (IM-LDAP) simplifies the task of standing up an LDAP server for non-production environments.

Updated May 27, 2014

Python 0 5


The Publisher Toolkit provides end-to-end guidance, specifications and scripts to submit digital content metadata into the Learning Registry which will be searchable via the Learning Registry Index.

Updated May 27, 2014

JavaScript 3 8


The Learning Maps Authoring Tool is a GUI that enables users to construct visual learning pathways using learning standards stored in the Learning Resource Index.

Updated May 27, 2014

JavaScript 1 2


lri Browser

Updated May 27, 2014

JavaScript 1 5


Student Insights is a .Net and AJAX based tool that allows users to perform criteria based searches on student data.

Updated May 27, 2014

Java 2 3


A command-line utility, written in Java, which helps LEA/SEA IT Administrators transmit data to the Secure Data Service without the use of additional third-party packaging and secure file transfer applications. It may be helpful during initial testing of a site’s data integration process.

Updated May 27, 2014

JavaScript 3 5


Node.js client code for the API

Updated May 27, 2014


This is a Java-based library intended to simplify the development of inBloom-compatible applications, along with a bare-bones application that demonstrates the use of the data store API.

Updated May 27, 2014

JavaScript 2 4


The Tagger is a web application that will generate valid envelopes for publishing to the Learning Registry

Updated May 27, 2014

JavaScript 1 2


Search provides an interface to search the Learning Resource Index.

Updated May 27, 2014

Java 2 5


This is a Java-based application to encrypt select configuration parameters that require encryption for the Educator Dashboard.

Updated May 27, 2014

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