Tokengrabber is a developer utility in PHP to demonstrate the OAuth2 process to obtain an API token to interact with the Secure Data Service.
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#API Token Grabber

##DESCRIPTION The API Token Grabber is a developer utility designed for two purposes:

a.) Demostrate the OAuth2 workflow works in a few lines of PHP code.

b.) Extract the session API token necessary to communicate with the Secure Data Service APIs.

Once that API token is in hand, you can use the token to interact with the APIs without code using curl or tools like the Advanced API Client available in the Chrome Web Store (

##SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Apache or Nginx web server capable of running PHP scripts.

##INSTALLATION Place the index.php file in a folder accessible by your webserver. Customize the script to reflect your server's configuration



is licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE-2.0.txt for full license text.