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  1. The in-memory LDAP server (IM-LDAP) simplifies the task of standing up an LDAP server for non-production environments.

    Java 21 13

  2. This is the ESDS. It contains the backend for the project. The main projects that are to be used are ingestion-service, api, simple-idp, search-indexer, dashboard, admin-tools and databrowser. All …

    Java 19 22

  3. This is a Java and Javascript-based application compatible with the Secure Data Service, which allows Educators to view information about their classes and students.

    Java 10 11

  4. java-sdk Public

    This is a Java-based library intended to simplify the development of inBloom-compatible applications, along with a bare-bones application that demonstrates the use of the data store API.

    Java 7 10

  5. This is a Java-based application to encrypt select configuration parameters that require encryption for the Educator Dashboard.

    Java 3 5

  6. Node.js client code for the API

    JavaScript 3 5


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  • server-density-plugins Public

    A collection of various ServerDensity plugins that we have developed for use. These plugins can also be found in the ServerDensity

    Python 1 Apache-2.0 5 0 0 Updated May 27, 2014
  • publisher-toolkit Public

    The Publisher Toolkit provides end-to-end guidance, specifications and scripts to submit digital content metadata into the Learning Registry which will be searchable via the Learning Registry Index.

    Python 0 Apache-2.0 4 0 0 Updated May 27, 2014


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