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Inbound Pro Plugin by Inbound Now

WordPress Compatibility GitHub issues

Welcome to our Public Repository

Inbound Pro is the world's first WordPress plugin to offer a comprehensive set of inbound marketing tools for lead attraction, conversion, statistical profiling, and marketing automation.

The Inbound Pro plugin includes and expands on the powers of our 3 most popular free plugins, Landing Pages, Leads, and Calls to Action, so they will not need to be installed/activated if this plugin is installed.

It's free to get started with Inbound Pro. We offer a strong free-user experience and an even stronger experience for subscribers

Code Contributions

We love user-contributed code. The truth is we could use all the help we can get. For details on contributing please read our contribution guidelines. You might also find our PHP Codex useful as well. It's still a work in development.

Here are some various ways you can contribute:

  1. Raise an Issue on GitHub
  2. Translate Inbound Pro
  3. Contribute to Core Code
  4. Provide feedback and suggestions

Please Note: Inbound Pro development occurs in develop branch. master branch holds the latest stable release.

Our Plugins

Landing Pages

Plugin Version WordPress Compatibility Total Downloads Plugin Rating

Landing Pages plugin provides a landing page framework powered by Advanced Custom Fields. With this framework developers can easily develop landing pages compatible with Landing Pages plugin, offering an easy way for users to manage dynamic visual and content elements as well as perform variant tests. This plugin is GPL and additionally offered on The WordPress Plugins Directory.


Plugin Version WordPress Compatibility Total Downloads Plugin Rating

Wordpress Leads is a fully extendable CRM that ships with it's own form-based lead collection tool, and can also be extended to work with Ninja Forms, Gravity Forms, or Contact Form 7. This plugin connects directly with the Landing Pages and Calls to Action plugin provided by Inbound Now. This plugin is GPL and additionally offered on The WordPress Plugins Directory.

Calls to Action

Plugin Version WordPress Compatibility Total Downloads Plugin Rating

Calls to Action Plugin helps create calls to action for your WordPress site. It gives site owners the ability to monitor and track conversion rates, run a/b or multivariate split tests on calls to action, and most importantly increase lead flow! This plugin is GPL and additionally offered on The WordPress Plugins Directory.

Email Component

Our mail component, only available to "Paid Subscribers", provides WordPress administrators with the ability to send batch, automated, and direct emails to leads. This component also exists as a templating framework powered by the Advanced Custom Fields plugin, allowing the creation of custom email templates.

Email delivery and email statistical tracking is in part powered by SparkPost Transactional Email Service, which provides a limited amount (25k) free email sends a month. It's possible we will add more transactional email services in the future.

Automation Component

Our Automation component, only available to "Paid Subscribers", provides a trigger/action based rule engine. Currently it's used for creating and executing follow up emails and event prompted email series. Rule triggers are powered by WordPress PHP action hooks, which means as a framework it can be expanded to accomplish many yet-to-be-imagined feats. 


  1. Download the latest version of Inbound Pro in zip format from your Inbound Now account area.
  2. Install as a wordpress plugin.


About Inbound Pro Plugin

This plugin ships assets with varying licensing policies. For assets considered intellectual/structural property of InboundWP LLC we've developed and applied the IBN License. Other assets that we did not develop or that we have listed as GPL are included with the Inbound Pro plugin package and their original license remains in tact.

IBN License

Structural property cannot be used distributed, or modified without a license issued from InboundWP LLC that delegates the permission.

Designation of Licenses

The following legend and table depict how directories and their included files are licesned.


APACHE2 = Apache License 2.0 more info

IBN = Inbound Now Licensing Policy

GPL = GNU General Public License more info

GPL+ = GNU General Public License AND (MIT OR BSD)

BSD = Berkeley Software Distribution more info

BSD23 = Berkeley Software Distribution with 2-Clause and 3-Clause more info

MIT = Massachusetts Institute of Technology more info

+os = Contains included GPL, BSD, and MIT assets

Path License Applied
/inbound-pro/ IBN +os
/inbound-pro/assets/ IBN +os
/inbound-pro/assets/css IBN
/inbound-pro/assets/images IBN
/inbound-pro/assets/js IBN
/inbound-pro/assets/libraries +os
/inbound-pro/assets/libraries/echarts BSD
/inbound-pro/assets/libraries/Ink MIT
/inbound-pro/assets/libraries/MiniColors MIT
/inbound-pro/assets/libraries/Shuffle MIT
/inbound-pro/assets/mu-plugins/fast-ajax/ GPL
/inbound-pro/assets/plugins/advanced-custom-fields-pro custom
/inbound-pro/assets/templates IBN
/inbound-pro/classes/ IBN
/inbound-pro/core/ IBN +os
/inbound-pro/core/cta GPL+
/inbound-pro/core/landing-pages GPL+
/inbound-pro/core/leads GPL+
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer IBN +os
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/d3 BSD23
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/jpicker MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/jquery-datepicker MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/jquery-tablesorter MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/ladda MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/popModal MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/snap APACHE2
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/assets/libraries/SweetAlert MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/classes IBN
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-mailer/modules IBN
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-automation IBN +0s
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-automation/assets/libraries/isoloading MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-automation/assets/libraries/jrumble MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-automation/assets/libraries/ladda MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-automation/assets/libraries/SweetAlert MIT
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-automation/classes/ IBN
/inbound-pro/core/inbound-automation/definitions/ IBN
/inbound-pro/core/shared GPL+

Development Builds

Inbound Pro Plugin includes NodeJS powered Gulp tasks that contributors should be aware of when editing any part of our InboundAnalytics.min.js file.

Installing Dependencies

  1. NodeJS & Gulp must be installed first! see documentation
  2. Run npm install inside of the /wp-content/plugins/inbound-pro/ directory.

Gulp Tasks

These commands are performed inside of the the /wp-content/plugins/inbound-pro/ directory. Each command might require sudo to be added before it to enable administrator permissions, depending on your OS.

gulp watch

This command will monitor changes in inbound-pro/core/shared/assets/js/frontend/analytics-src/ and compile the changes into our unified files located in inbound-pro/core/shared/assets/js/frontend/analytics/.

gulp GPL

This command will extract Landing Pages, Calls to Action, and Leads plugin into the /wp-content/plugins/ directory as stand alone plugins. There's really no need for contributors to do this, but it helps us with preparing individual updates to the SVN repository.


Inbound Pro Plugin for WordPress - Landing Page Framework, Calls to Action Framework, Visitor Analytics & List Segmentation, Email Campaigns & Marketing Automation


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