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Circumflex — lightweight Scala-based Web application framework and ORM
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Circumflex — lightweight Scala-based Web framework and ORM

1. Prerequisites

  • Java 6 SDK
  • Apache Maven 2.1 or later
  • Git

2. Build from sources

Clone Circumflex repository:

git clone git://

Build with Maven:

cd circumflex
mvn clean install

Or build a single module:

cd circumflex
mvn clean install -pl <module-name> -am

3. Create new project

Create a new project from Circumflex Archetype:

cd /path/to/my/projects
mvn archetype:generate

and choose circumflex-archetype from list.

4. Build with SBT

An application skeleton for SBT has been kindly provided by andreyshikov, it shows how to configure simple Circumflex application to build with SBT. You can clone it from

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