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Zabbix Dashboard
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Trying to build a better dashboard function for Zabbix via the php api.


  • Gets triggers from hosts which are nested in hostgroups
  • Currently we defined differrent users (within Zabbix) per hostgroup with read only rights
  • Screens are optimized for 1920px capable monitors
  • Masonry js library is used to align host blocks tightly
  • Requires the Zabbix php api which is included in this build

Host block features:

  • Each host block displays a maximum of 3 triggers
  • In case of multipe triggers fired on a host, the highest priority trigger will adjust the color and or size of the hostblock
  • There are 5 stages defined in which a block is displayed based upon trigger severity
  • Triggered host blocks will get the state normal when the trigger state is "OK" (via acknowledgment of trigger or threshold level is normal)

I have tested the dashboard on Zabbix 2.2.2 but I think it will work fine in 2.4, although you might need a newer php api version. As we make use of the Zabbix php api, we have included it's GPLv3 license

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