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Common matrix interface? #117

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Would there be interest in the Incanter project in working towards a common interface for vector / matrix maths in Clojure?

The potential idea is to create an API / abstraction for matrix maths that is fairly generic and will support multiple possible matrix maths implementations (e.g. pure Java vs. JBLAS vs. Colt vs. some other custom format used by an external program).

This would free projects like Incanter from having to fix on a specific matrix implementation, and allow generic matrix functionality to be developed on a common base that is useful across the Clojure landscape.

I believe Clojure protocols are fast enough that performance would not be a concern.

See this thread in the Clatrix project: tel/clatrix#7

Obviously, Incanter would be a big and important consumer of such an API / abstraction so wanted to test for interest in the Incanter project before deciding if this is a project worth committing effort to.


I think, that it's better to discuss this on mailing list...


@Gerrrr - I think this is the issue for you to finally close off over the summer! Shall we assign this one to you?


Yeah, that would be great.

@Gerrrr Gerrrr was assigned by mikera

OK - all yours!

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