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Sample project to show difficulty in grabbing a snapshot of a CATiledLayer-backed view.
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alpstein-route-me @ ce16b38

This is a demo to show the difficulty in grabbing a snapshot of a CATiledLayer-backed view.

NOTE: As of 813fcb this has been worked around using manual re-rendering of each tile making up the current image. To see the non-working example, start at c3e00f instead.

Relevant discussions:

Note the difference between the first segment, which renders the main view including the pink subview, and the second segment, which renders a blank gray area instead of the map view.

The map view is from the Alpstein Route-Me fork, which is essentially, in order:

  1. A generic UIView containing
  2. A UIScrollView that pans & zooms containing
  3. A UIView subview backed by a CATiledLayer.

Note that the private API UIGetScreenImage() captures the whole snapshot accurately in both cases. I've not found another method yet which does.

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