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LDAP authentication library for Node.JS
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  • This library is only for LDAP authentication. If you're looking for a more complete LDAP implementation, check out

LDAP Authentication for Node.JS

Provides a simple function for validating username/password credentials on an LDAP server.

This can be used in web-applications that authenticate users from a central directory.

It binds to the native OpenLDAP library (libldap) and calls ldap_simple_bind().

Updated to work with node v0.6.9




Ensure libldap (OpenLDAP client library) is installed.

You need to add ldapauth.node to your application.

var ldapauth = require('./ldapauth'); // path to ldapauth.node

ldapauth.authenticate('scheme', '', 389 /*port*/, 'someuser', 'somepassword', 
  function(err, result) {
    if (err) {
    } else {
      print('Credentials valid = ' + result); // true or false


2010, Joe Walnes,,

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