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added schemaLocation for prov-20120110.xsd

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nicholsn committed Mar 26, 2012
1 parent 26ec680 commit e495c8558fc1c3c7283c0837f2627b9bf052e181
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  1. +2 −3 xcede-2.1-core.xsd
@@ -2,15 +2,14 @@
<xs:schema xmlns="" xmlns:xcede2=""
xmlns:xs="" targetNamespace=""
xmlns:prov="" elementFormDefault="qualified"
<xs:documentation>The XCEDE schema provides an extensive metadata hierarchy for describing and documenting research and clinical studies. The schema organizes information into five general hierarchical levels: a complete project; studies within a project; subjects involved in the studies; visits for each of the subjects; the full description of the subject's participation during each visit</xs:documentation>
<xs:documentation>Each of these sub-schemas is composed of information relevant to that aspect of an experiment and can be stored in separate XML files or spliced into one large file allowing for the XML data to be stored in a hierarchical directory structure along with the primary data. Each sub-schema also allows for the storage of data provenance information allowing for a traceable record of processing and/or changes to the underlying data. Additionally, the sub-schemas contain support for derived statistical data in the form of human imaging activation maps and simple statistical value lists.</xs:documentation>
<xs:documentation>XCEDE was originally designed in the context of neuroimaging studies and complements the Biomedical Informatics Research Network (BIRN) Human Imaging Database, an extensible database and intuitive web-based user interface for the management, discovery, retrieval, and analysis of clinical and brain imaging data. This close coupling allows for an interchangeable source-sink relationship between the database and the XML files, which can be used for the import/export of data to/from the database, the standardized transport and interchange of experimental data, the local storage of experimental information within data collections, and human and machine readable description of the actual data.</xs:documentation>
<xs:documentation>Some XCEDE elements or attributes below may contain XML Schema annotations with an attribute named "introducedInXCEDE", whose value indicates the first XCEDE version in which that XCEDE element or XCEDE attribute was introduced. Any element or attribute without an annotation of this type may be interpreted as if it had an annotation with the attribute introducedInXCEDE="2.0" . These annotations can be used by PSVI (post-schema-validation infoset) equipped tools to figure out the earliest XCEDE schema that a given document could support.</xs:documentation>
<xs:import namespace=""
<xs:import schemaLocation="prov-20120110.xsd" namespace=""/>
<xs:element name="XCEDE">
<xs:choice minOccurs="0" maxOccurs="unbounded">

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