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NIDM-Results for SPM

Export mass-univariate neuroimaging results computed in SPM as NIDM-Results packs.

A NIDM-Results pack is a compressed file containing a NIDM-Results serialization and some or all of the referenced image data files in compliance with NIDM-Results specification.


  1. In Matlab, open SPM

    spm fmri
  2. Open the Batch Editor by clicking on the Batch button in the SPM12 Menu window

  3. Open the menu SPM > Stats > Results Report (Fig. 1.)

  4. In the batch window (Fig. 2.)

  • Fill in information about the results you are interested in (in particular SPM.mat file, contrast number, threshold, etc.)
  • In Export results, selected New: NIDM (Neuroimaging Data Model)
  • Fill in information about your analysis (Modality, Reference space, Groupsetc.``)
Fig. 1. Results report Fig. 2. NIDM export



  • The latest version of the NIDM exporter in available in the last SPM release (v. xx)

How to run the tests?

Copy test data

Test data is available at https://github.com/incf-nidash/nidmresults-examples/, you will need a local copy of this repository stored with git lfs:

cd test/data
git clone https://github.com/incf-nidash/nidmresults-examples.git
git lfs install

Run the tests

To run the tests, you will need to install docker.

Then from the top folder of this repository, run:

did=$(docker run -it -d --rm -v `pwd`/test:/test -v `pwd`/exporter:/exporter cmaumet/octave-spm)
docker exec -it $did octave --no-window-system --eval "addpath('/exporter'); addpath('/test'); nidm_export_all('/test/data/nidmresults-examples', '/test/spmexport')"
python test/TestSPMResultDataModel.py