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A Fable Pixi template. See the Pixi Samples project for examples on how to create cool stuff using Fable and PixiJS.

Installing the template

  • Install the template: dotnet install -i Fable.Template.Pixi

Creating a new app

Once the template has been installed, you can use it to create a new Fable Pixi application:

  • Create the app: dotnet new fable-pixi -n MyCoolProject

Building and running the app

  • Move to the project's root directory: cd MyCoolProject
  • Install JS dependencies: yarn install
  • Move to src folder: cd src
  • Install F# dependencies: dotnet restore
  • Start Fable daemon and Webpack dev server: dotnet fable yarn-start
  • In your browser, open: http://localhost:8080/

Next Steps