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An opensource incident management platform integrating with Slack.


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Python Pydantic v2 FastAPI React

Incidental is still in its early stage of development, so there may be some teething problems along the way. Please let us know of any suggestions, bugs, ideas, etc using Github issues. We'll use your feedback to improve

If you'd like to get access to a hosted version of Incidental, there's a waitlist here

Incidental is an open-source incident management platform

We're building Incidental to be a best in class platform for running your incidents.


  • ChatOps: Declare and manage your incidents all within your Slack workspace
  • Web UI: Easy to use web interface to manage your incidents
  • Custom fields
  • Custom workflows

Quick start


  • docker
  • docker-compose
  • pnpm
  • node v18

To run locally for development:

  1. Create a new slack application
    • Go here:, and use the slack-manifest.yml as a template to create the app.
    • Replace BACKEND_BASE_URL with the url where you're hosting the backend
    • Replace FRONTEND_BASE_URL with the url where you're hosting the frontend
  2. Copy backend/.env.example to backend/.env and update the slack specific environment variables
  3. Copy frontend/.env.example to frontend/.env
  4. In backend run make run-dev
  5. In frontend run make run-dev
  6. Go to http://localhost:3000, and create a new account