Acorn Web Server Appliance, built with IncludeOS
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Acorn Web Server Appliance, built with IncludeOS.

Live Demo: (sporadically unavailable)


  • Easily build RESTful APIs
  • Use middleware to browse and serve static content with only a few lines of code
  • Optionally show real-time information about your server with an interactive dashboard

Acorn is a simple web server using a collection of libraries and extensions:

  • Mana - IncludeOS Web Framework
  • Bucket - Simplified in-memory database
  • Butler - Middleware for serving static content
  • Cookie - Cookie support
  • Dashboard - Back-end support for serving IncludeOS statistics
  • Director - Middleware for listing static content
  • Json - JSON support


  • IncludeOS installed (together with its dependencies)
  • git


To setup the service:

$ ./

It will do the following:

  • Pull the required git submodules
  • Create a 2 MB FAT16 disk called memdisk.fat - which will be included into service
  • Mount it on mnt/ and copy the content from disk1/ onto the disk

Take it for a spin

To build and run the service:

$ ./

It will do the following:

  • Mount and update memdisk.fat with the latest content from disk1/
  • make the service
  • Run the service with qemu