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A TLS reverse proxy with SNI multiplexing in Go
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slt is a dead-simple TLS reverse-proxy with SNI multiplexing (TLS virtual hosts).

That means you can send TLS/SSL connections for multiple different applications to the same port and forward them all to the appropriate backend hosts depending on the intended destination.


SNI Multiplexing

slt multiplexes connections to a single TLS port by inspecting the name in the SNI extension field of each connection.

Simple YAML Configuration

You configure slt with a simple YAML configuration file:

bind_addr: ":443"

        addr: ":4443"
        addr: ""
        addr: ""

Optional TLS Termination

Sometimes, you don't actually want to terminate the TLS traffic, you just want to forward it elsewhere. slt only terminates the TLS traffic if you specify a private key and certificate file like so:

    tls_key: /path/to/
    tls_crt: /path/to/

Round robin load balancing among arbitrary backends

slt performs simple round-robin load balancing when more than one backend is available (other strategies will be available in the future):

        addr: ":8080"
        addr: ":8081"

Running it

Running slt is also simple. It takes a single argument, the path to the configuration file:

./slt /path/to/config.yml

Building it

Just cd into the directory and "go build". It requires Go 1.1+.

Testing it

Just cd into the directory and "go test".


I run slt in production handling hundreds of thousands of connections daily.



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