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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
from sys import argv
from desert.helpers import filename
from numpy import array
from numpy import cos
from numpy import pi
from numpy import sin
from numpy import zeros
from numpy.random import random
from desert import Desert
from desert import stroke
from desert.color import rgb
from desert.color import white
from desert.color import black
from time import time
TWOPI = 2.0*pi
def main(arg):
with Desert(1000, show=True, verbose=VERBOSE)\
bg=white()) as c:
density = 0.02
a = random(2)*TWOPI
acc = zeros(2)
noise = 0.000000005
rad = 0.45
resa = []
resb = []
for i in range(4000000):
a += acc
acc += (1-2*random(2))*noise
resa.append((cos(a[0]), sin(a[0])))
resb.append((cos(a[1]), sin(a[1])))
if not i%100000:
c.draw([stroke(0.5 + array(resa)*rad,
0.5 + array(resb)*rad,
resa = []
resb = [], gamma=1.5)
if __name__ == '__main__':