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#!/usr/bin/sbcl --script
(load "../src/load")
(defun circ-stroke (sand vv)
(sandpaint:circ sand
(lin-path:pos* (lin-path:make vv) (math:linspace 100 0d0 0.99d0))
1d0 20))
(defun draw-path (sand fn n rad mid)
(let ((curr nil)
(i 0))
(labels ((new-append-edge-alt* (snk a)
(if (<= (length (snek:verts-in-rad snk (snek::append-edge-alt-xy a) rad)) 1)
(aif (snek::do-append-edge-alt snk a)
(incf i)
(setf curr it)
(sandpaint:set-fg-color sand (pigment:rgb 0.0 0.7 0.7 0.01))
(sandpaint:circ sand (list (snek::append-edge-alt-xy a)) 4d0 3000)
(sandpaint:set-fg-color sand (pigment:black 0.01))
(circ-stroke sand (snek:get-verts snk (list it (snek::append-edge-alt-v a))))
(sandpaint:save sand (format nil "~a-~3,'0d" fn i)))))))
(let ((snk (snek:make
:max-verts n
:alts `((snek::append-edge-alt ,#'new-append-edge-alt*)))))
(setf curr (snek:add-vert! snk mid))
(loop for i from 0 below n do
(snek:with (snk :zwidth rad)
curr (vec:add (snek:get-vert snk curr) (rnd:in-circ rad))
:rel nil)))))))
(defun main (size fn)
(let ((sand (sandpaint:make size
:fg (pigment:black 0.01)
:bg (pigment:white))))
(draw-path sand fn 5000 10.0d0 (vec:vec 250d0 250d0))))
(time (main 500 (second (cmd-args))))