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#!/usr/bin/sbcl --script
(load "../src/load")
(load "../utils/text")
(load "../utils/text-sample")
(load "../utils/spline-script")
(load "../utils/state")
(defvar *alphabet* "0123456789ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZabcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz.,?-—:'")
(defun scale ()
(if (< (rnd:rnd) 0.15)
(vec:vec 1.1d0 3.9d0)
(vec:vec 1d0 1d0)))
(defun swap (l)
(let* ((ll (loop for k in l collect k))
(n (length l))
(a (rnd:rndi n))
(b (rnd:rndi n)))
(setf (nth a ll) (nth b l)
(nth b ll) (nth a l))
(defun shape (n bx by)
;(rnd:nin-box n bx by)
(vec:lmult* (rnd:nin-circ n 1d0) (vec:vec bx by)))
(defun draw-pix (sand bzs grains)
(sandpaint:bzspl-stroke sand bzs (* grains (bzspl::bzspl-n bzs))))
(defun draw-varying-pix (sand bzs grains)
(sandpaint:pix sand (bzspl:pos* bzs
(mapcar (lambda (x) (expt x 0.6d0))
(rnd:rndspace (* grains (bzspl::bzspl-n bzs)) 0d0 1d0)))))
(defun draw (snk sand)
(let ((state-gen (get-walker-state-gen (lambda () (rnd:get-acc-circ-stp*))))
(grains 15)
(drift (vec:scale (vec:sin-cos -0.1d0) 0.009d0)))
(loop for p in (math:linspace 500 0d0 1d0)
and i from 0 do
(snek:with (snk)
(snek:itr-verts (snk v)
(snek:move-vert? v drift)
(snek:move-vert? v (rnd:in-circ 0.1d0))
;(snek:move-vert? v (funcall state-gen v 0.000008d0))
;(sandpaint:set-fg-color sand (pigment:hsv 0.55 (- 1.0 i) (- 1.0 i) 0.009))
(snek:itr-grps (snk g :collect nil)
(aif (snek:get-grp-as-bzspl snk g)
;(draw-pix sand it grains)
(draw-varying-pix sand it grains))))))
(defun main (size fn)
(let ((trbl (list 70d0 950d0 950d0 55d0))
(bbox (vec:vec 20d0 25d0))
(spacebox (vec:vec 10d0 25d0))
(sand (sandpaint:make size
:fg (pigment:black 0.009)
:bg (pigment:white))))
((get-bbox-fxn ()
(let ((bbox (vec:mult bbox (scale))))
(vec:with-xy ((vec:scale bbox 0.5d0) bx by)
(lambda (n)
(mapcar (lambda (v) (vec:rot v (* PI 0.2d0)))
(shape n bx by))))))
(estimate-nc-ncn-fxn (bbox-fxn)
(let* ((samples (funcall bbox-fxn 1000))
(mid (vec:lmid samples))
(area (apply #'max (mapcar (lambda (a) (vec:dst a mid)) samples))))
(if (< area 30d0) (list area 4 1)
(list area 7 1))))
(sort-centroids-fxn ()
(let ((f (if (< (rnd:rnd)) #'< #'>))
(rot (rnd:rnd PII)))
(lambda (centroids)
(let ((res (sort (loop for c in centroids collect
(list (+ rot (apply #'atan (reverse (vec:tolist c)))) c))
f :key #'first)))
(if (< (rnd:rnd) 0.6) (swap res)
(let ((alphabet (show-alphabet (get-alphabet *alphabet*
:get-bbox-fxn #'get-bbox-fxn
:nc-ncn-fxn #'estimate-nc-ncn-fxn
:sort-fxn #'sort-centroids-fxn
:min-dst 5d0)))
(words (remove-if (lambda (x) (= 0 (second x)))
(apply #'append (get-words* *alice*))) )
(wind 0))
(block draw-loop
(loop for k from 0 do
(let ((snk (snek:make))
(txt (subseq words wind)))
(incf wind (aif (do-write snk alphabet spacebox trbl txt)
(return-from draw-loop)))
(draw snk sand))
(sandpaint:pixel-hack sand)
(sandpaint:save sand (append-postfix fn (format nil "-~3,'0d" k))
:gamma 1.5)
(sandpaint:clear sand (pigment:white))))))))
(time (main 1000 (second (cmd-args))))